What you should know about Wrangler Texas Stretch

Wrangler Texas stretch is one of the bestsellers of the brand. Wrangler has had two distinct variants in its comfort fit category. One is Bill and the other is Texas. You may wonder if the Wrangler Texas originals are the same as the Wrangler Texas stretch. There are two fundamental differences. The originals were confined to comfort fit. The stretch variant cuts across comfort fit and regular fit. Most in the stretch variant are now a regular fit. The second difference pertains to the material, more precisely the blend of materials. However, the two collections are essentially a part of the same original style.

Over the years, there have been some subtle changes to the Texas stretch collection. The most notable change has been in the design, which is basically what you would spot if you are familiar with the older style. What has not changed is the durability of the material or craftsmanship. The original Texas jeans from Wrangler were known for its hardiness. Men looking for a pair of jeans for work, a whole day and perhaps night of hard labour went for this variant. There are innumerable men who have owned a pair of Texas originals for decades. Even today, you will find people wearing ten or fifteen year old Texas originals. Such is the durability of the material. This reliability has not changed with Wrangler Texas stretch. You can assuredly use it for ten years and longer, regardless of how adventurous you are or how hard you work, be it indoors or outdoors.

There are some elements that should draw your attention because not all Wrangler Texas stretch jeans are made the same way. It is not just about the technique or how you should care for the jeans. There is a slight variation in the blend of materials as well. Almost all Wrangler Texas stretch jeans are made of cotton and elastane. The ratio varies among types, styles, fits and sizes. You should note that the Texas originals or what is branded as Texas jeans by Wrangler are 100% cotton. The stretch variants are usually 98% cotton or 98.5% cotton and the remaining is elastane. The nominal, almost negligible difference does not amount to much but some men would rather know the specifics beforehand than find out later. The blend also makes the stretch variant lighter than the originals. This has a practical implication for everyone.

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