The Outstanding Attributes of Men’s Wrangler Jeans

Every revered brand in the world, regardless of the industry it is in, has several strengths at the crux of its popularity. Branding, marketing and promotions cannot sustain the fame of a brand that does not deliver on its promises.

Wrangler, formerly known as Hudson Overall Company, was founded in 1904 by C. C. Hudson. Its parent company was called VF Corporation, which was founded in 1899. The company based at Greensboro in North Carolina has a worldwide presence and is one of the market leaders in jeans, shorts, shirts and eye glasses among others. The American clothing brand specialising in jeans and workwear has stood the test of time and it has emerged stronger with every major transformation. So what is it that has made men’s Wrangler jeans a bestseller for over a century now?

• One reason is fit. There are many clothing brands that work with fine fabrics but very few manage to come up with perfect fits. It should be noted that we are not talking about tailored garments. Tailored attire will always have a better fit than readymade clothes. Wrangler is one of the few companies that have managed to strike the perfect balance of fit and size, rather the right fit for its corresponding size, be it the waist or the length.

Wrangler has a substantial range of size. There are many companies, especially the newer brands, which limit its designs or collections to specific sizes. In many ways, such brands reward those who have slimmer waistlines and are tall or have a sculpted physique. The origin of men’s wrangler jeans predates the contemporary era when people are rewarded for being slimmer and heavier men have to pay more or settle for inferior quality jeans. Wrangler caters to sizes up to fifty two inches and there are some that can be comfortable for men with even wider waists.

• Men’s Wrangler jeans cost much less than some of the other brands in the same league. It is quite interesting to note the differences in their prices because Wrangler is by no means an inferior brand. Some brands are just better at promoting themselves and their super expensive celebrity endorsements make them more alluring. Compare the actual jeans as per the prices and you would be satiated with Wrangler.

• Men’s Wrangler jeans are as comfortable as you would want them to be. If you want some more comfort than the usual, there are collections catering to that as well. Finally, men’s Wrangler jeans can last longer than a decade.

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