The bestselling Wrangler Jeans of 2018

Wrangler is one of the most celebrated jeans brands in the world. There are millions of people who swear their allegiance to the brand even as its fierce competitors try to threaten the market cap of the company. The world of jeans brands is riddled with rivalry and yet there is a harmonious coexistence, partly because fans no longer have staunch dislikes for specific varieties. While Wrangler jeans continue to evolve to be contemporary and hence stay relevantly significant, here is a take on the bestsellers for the year 2018.


The top ten bestselling Wrangler jeans of 2018 are Men’s Cowboy Cut Slim Fit (Stone-wash), Men’s George Strait Cowboy Cut (Original, Heavyweight), Authentic Men’s Classic Relaxed Fit (Stone-wash), Authentic Men’s Classic Straight Fit (Ranch), Authentic Men’s Classic Regular Fit (Stone-wash), Men’s Cowboy Cut Original Fit (Rigid, Indigo), Men’s George Strait Cowboy Cut Relaxed Fit, Authentic Men’s Classic Straight Fit (Antique), Men’s Authentic Premium Relaxed Fit (Tinted) and Men’s Cowboy Cut Regular Fit (Stone-wash).


The slim fit cowboy cut is a front closure type of jeans with zipper fly and button closure. The George Strait series features a comfort flex waistband, available in different fits and made with comfortable, flexible and durable materials. The Authentic have always been known for their agility, comfort and a natural fit at the waist. The classic line also features the five pocket traditional design. The George Strait variety continues to feature the spade hip pockets and scoop front pockets. There is a substantial variation in the Authentic Premium in the form of boot cut silhouette with medium fade.


Much like other brands, Wrangler jeans also come in a blend of different materials, thereby assuring comfort and durability while offering a bit of stretch-ability. You can choose appropriate styles or series to choose the most comfortable and stretchable pair. This list does not contain the likes of Wrangler Texas Stretch or Ohio jeans because the numbers are fairly stacked up in favour of the ones mentioned. The Texas Stretch and Ohio jeans have been bestsellers for a long time now. They are unlikely to lose their popularity to emerging lines and some of the re-imagined classics.


The aforementioned bestsellers exclude the Wrangler jeans being launched through the second half of the year. The list is also not reflective of the perennially popular styles or the latest transformations of Wrangler jeans purely from the perspective of fashion.

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