Are Anti Fit Jeans the Trend of the Year?

While some like the look of tight fitting jeans, there are others that strive for a look that is completely the opposite. Anti fit jeans have a fit that is loose fitting or baggy. While this style actually came about many years ago, it is a trend that has somewhat laid in the background.

In the past, it was more widely popular with men rather than women. In the fashion world of today, it is becoming a look that is being worn by both mean and women more equally.

In anti fit jeans, the waist area is made to be a bit longer than an average pair of jeans. This longness gives the waist area more of a boxed look. While the anti fit jeans can prove to be versatile, they are not a look that could be considered “formal” by any means. The jeans could be paired with a tee shirt and belt for a casual look, or a button up for a more put together look.

Many sources have said that anti fit jeans will be the biggest trend this year. This change is certainly welcomed by many as some of the past trends have lingered for a couple of years. The change of pace, is sure to set new standards for critics and consumers alike.

You will find that anti fit jeans have a much looser leg area that stays straight rather than tapering off toward the ankle. This is very different from average fitting or skinny jeans. This style of jeans tends to come in solid colors that do not necesasrrily offer a lot of variation. This is not to say that you can not still have a very individualized look. It just takes the use of creativity when it comes to accessories and clothing that is paired with them.

While a pair of anti fit jeans may not be something that fits the liking of everyone, it is certainly worth making a trip to try a pair on. With an open mind, it would very well become a new favorite trend and a must have addition for your current wardrobe. Although this trend is one that has been around for quite some time, it is sure to be said that new variations of and old fashion statement are on the horizon. If you are still unsure of how to pull the look together, you can open any fashion magazine or website, and see the look in plenty.

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