A Quick Guide to Texas Stretch Jeans from Wrangler

Texas stretch jeans are a bestselling variant of the Texas originals from Wrangler. The stretch jeans are available in regular fit. The Texas style jeans are rain ready and available in blue, light, mid blue, dark blue, brown, black and grey. While there is a small bouquet of colours, a staggering majority of the jeans is blue or some shade of blue. Texas stretch jeans are available in most sizes, starting from 28 up to 48. You can shop for sizes 28, 29, 30, 31 and likewise up to 36. Subsequently, you would need to jump a size, from 38 onto 48. The length is capped at a minimum of 30. It can be as long or tall as 36. Usually, sizes 28 have lengths of 30, 32 and 34, 29 have 32, 34 and 36 and 30 onwards have lengths up to 38.

There are some collections of Texas stretch jeans where you can buy waist sizes exceeding 48. These would be classic fit and there may be a difference in the blend of materials, especially the proportion. Most Texas stretch jeans are made of cotton and elastane. Larger ones, such as those for waists up to fifty two inches or slightly more, may have more polyester than elastane. Usually, the stretch variants have 98% or 98.5% cotton and 2% or 1.5% elastane respectively. The largest sizes may have around 50% cotton and 50% polyester. You should check the specific size, style and fabric features to be sure.

The Texas stretch jeans from Wrangler are not confined to any one style, although the design has changed in some ways from what it was in the Texas originals. You would still find the old design. There are some stretch jeans in Texas style that are a part of the Wrangler Rock 47 collection. There are some retro styles and cowboy cuts. Some are specifically meant for work and some designs offer more comfort. A few variants of Texas stretch jeans are also found in the Wrangler 20X collection. While there are dozens of stretch jeans from Wrangler sporting the Texas style, only a few are flame resistant. There are also some variations to the regular fit to make way for slim fit, big & tall and regular or the classic fit. You may also buy one of the low rise fits or a relaxed fit. The stretch jeans come in straight cuts, bootleg and tapered cuts. All Texas stretch jeans have a classic five pockets design.

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