A Comprehensive Guide to Buy the Best Women’s Jeans

Buying women’s jeans can be a daunting exercise. Some women have an amazing waistline, perfectly toned legs and sculpted abs with just the right body mass index. Such women will have no major issues while shopping for jeans. Most manufacturers have mastered the art of crafting jeans for the ideal, at times elusive, female body. Since most ladies don’t have the perfect weight, waist or body type, there is a need to focus on the strengths and weaknesses of every feature of women’s jeans in the right context. Here is a comprehensive guide to help you buy the best women’s jeans.

• You should buy a pair that fits snugly. Do not opt for a loose fit. Do not opt for a size that is too tight. You should not be able to slip into your jeans without any effort. This means the size is a tad large for you and since the material would loosen up over time, the jeans will look baggy on you sooner than later. That is unless you gain weight. While you should struggle just a little bit while putting it on, you should be able to comfortably slide two fingers down the back of your jeans. This ensures that the size is not too tight.

• You should always go for jeans that have a slightly raised back or lowered front. The waist line of the jeans should not be dead straight. There should be a little curvature, from the back to the front. This allows the natural curvature of a female body, regardless of how small or large you are, to be accentuated. This is the same reason why you should opt for jeans with yoke. You must also avoid jeans that leave some room around the crotch. Here again, remember that the material will stretch and loosen up in due course of time. Be assured that what may appear to be snug at the beginning will become comfortably roomy after you wear the jeans a few times and wash them once or twice.

• Women who have long legs should never buy high rise jeans. This will make their legs look longer and that is not flattering. Women who have short legs or petite bodies should not opt for low rise jeans because their legs would appear shorter. Women with heavy legs should opt for regular or comfort fits but not those with wide legs or baggy fits. Tapered or boot cut jeans will be better. Women who have skinny legs should not opt for extremely tapered jeans as their legs would appear thinner than they are.

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