The Role of Recycling in Nike Footwear

Nike uses more than six raw materials for most of its shoes and trainers. Rubber, leather and foam are the three most widely used materials in Nike footwear. The company uses natural and synthetic rubbers and leathers. The other commonly used materials are polyester and cotton. As one of the leading companies in the world, Nike has always been conscious of the environmental impact of its operations including supply chain and hence it has relied heavily on recycling various materials. Continue reading “The Role of Recycling in Nike Footwear”

The 3 Elements Assuring Comfort and Strength of Wrangler Jeans

Wrangler jeans are comfortable, strong and durable. The company is one of the largest brands of denims in the world and it has definitely done wonders with the fabric. The company has definitely held on to some of its most traditional and iconic designs. It has been resistant to trying or experimenting with its approach to design and the attributes it considers to be integral to the wearing experience. Here are three elements assuring the expected comfort and strength of all Wrangler jeans. Continue reading “The 3 Elements Assuring Comfort and Strength of Wrangler Jeans”

Are Nike Trainers Eco Friendly?

Every manufactured product has a carbon footprint. Even natural products have an adverse effect on the environment unless something is gathered in the wild without the use of machines and any kind of controlled process. Agriculture too has a carbon footprint. It is unrealistic to expect Nike trainers to have a net negative carbon footprint, but one can always hope they are eco-friendly. Nike is one of the few major brands that make a concerted attempt to reduce the adverse effects on the environment. It has always tried to source more natural products, its manufacturing practices have been constantly transformed to reduce the net carbon footprint, the synthetic materials are recycled to the extent possible and the natural materials too are reused whenever or wherever applicable. Continue reading “Are Nike Trainers Eco Friendly?”

How is Wrangler UK Different from the American Brand of Cowboy Designer Jeans

You may dispute whether or not Wrangler UK is the most celebrated brand of jeans in the country or across the world. It is quite difficult to beat the numero uno position of Levis Strauss & Co. Levis has actually consolidated its market leader position with each passing year. Wrangler UK or the global brand surely finds the second spot, whether in terms of sales or the sheer quality. You may argue that Wrangler is better than Levis in more ways than one. Regardless of such battles, what is beyond debate is the fact that Wrangler made cowboy jeans fashionable. It was one Bernard Lichtenstein who came up with the first designer jeans for cowboys participating in rodeos. While Wrangler is a quintessential American manufacturer, the now global brand was actually created by a Polish. Continue reading “How is Wrangler UK Different from the American Brand of Cowboy Designer Jeans”

Interesting Facts about the Levi’s 501

With millions of fans around the world, the Levi’s 501 has been one of the bestselling jeans of all time. Yes, you read that right as Levi’s 501 has been around ever since the inception of denims. It was not called jeans back then. Denims were called overalls or waist overalls. Levi’s 501 dates back to 1873, during the peak of the gold rush in America. Do you know how the first Levi’s 501 was created? Read on to explore such interesting facts about your treasured denim. Continue reading “Interesting Facts about the Levi’s 501

Understand the Ramifications of Size and Fit of Lee Jeans

It is easy to assume that you require a slim, straight, regular, athletic, relaxed or loose fit. People often consider their waistline or the size of their waist and to an extent the shape of their body before assuming the right size and fit. Many people consider their bodyweight. Very few are actually aware of their body mass index so whether or not someone is underweight, overweight or obese is not really the point of contention here. The waist size is easy to determine. You can use a measuring tape and get the size depending on where you wish to sport the pair of Lee jeans. Do not measure your waistline if you are going for a low rise. Measure the lower waist, just above the hip flexor muscles. Continue reading “Understand the Ramifications of Size and Fit of Lee Jeans

The bestselling Wrangler Jeans of 2018

Wrangler is one of the most celebrated jeans brands in the world. There are millions of people who swear their allegiance to the brand even as its fierce competitors try to threaten the market cap of the company. The world of jeans brands is riddled with rivalry and yet there is a harmonious coexistence, partly because fans no longer have staunch dislikes for specific varieties. While Wrangler jeans continue to evolve to be contemporary and hence stay relevantly significant, here is a take on the bestsellers for the year 2018. Continue reading “The bestselling Wrangler Jeans of 2018″

A Quick Technical Assessment of Nike Trainers vs. Shoes

You are likely to come across different terms for specific types of shoes, especially for brands like Nike. You must have heard of Nike trainers, shoes and sneakers. Nike trainers are not the same as its shoes. The shoes are usually designed for running or paced walking, also referred to as power walking. Sneakers are a completely different variety. They are neither Nike trainers nor running shoes. It is actually wrong to use the term sneakers for either shoes or trainers of any brand. They are more like generic footwear, predominantly for informal or casual use, albeit many workplaces do not discriminate against sneakers. Continue reading “A Quick Technical Assessment of Nike Trainers vs. Shoes”

Get Familiar with the Types of Cushioning in Nike Shoes

Footwear brands have used various materials over the decades to improve their shoes. Some experiments have gone wrong and the companies were quick to abandon the concepts in development. Some flawed concepts made their way into a few models, but they were taken off shelves, rolled back or simply never produced again by the renowned brands. Nike shoes are an epitome of function and endurance, but they are also stylish and superior comfort. While it is difficult to generalise the cushioning technology used in specific types of Nike shoes, one can get familiar with the approach of the brand. Nike makes shoes for various purposes and it would be unwise to club the varieties in any particular way considering whichever attribute you try to standardise. Continue reading “Get Familiar with the Types of Cushioning in Nike Shoes”